EMBO Workshop: Modelling infectious diseases in the cell and host

The principal theme of this EMBO Workshop is to understand how to model infectious diseases and their effects in the host. This is focused at both the cellular and whole organism level, with a goal to understanding these processes and how therapeutic strategies can be informed.


Mathematical modelling is now moving forward in terms of understanding cellular processes and signalling networks. However, when these pathways are perturbed in situations such as infection then the process of modelling become orders more complex, because the whole organism has to be considered. Understanding this complexity requires data obtained from longitudinal studies and the computational power to analyse terabyte size datasets.


The main objective of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together mathematical modellers, computational biologists, laboratory scientists who generate the raw data and infectious disease experts to present their most relevant research in the context of the meeting theme. The idea being to understand the predominant drivers in each field, i.e. what questions the infectious disease experts need answering, how mathematical models can achieve this, what is realistic in terms of organism biology and what types of datasets and raw information are required. A key objective is to provide a network opportunity for scientists at all stages of careers to interact in an informal setting and provide sufficient opportunity for knowledge exchange and new partnerships to develop. 


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Matrix Level 4, Breakthrough
Date :22 Jan 2018 - 24 Jan 2018  
Venue :Matrix Level 4, Breakthrough
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